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Earth Hour - A Light of Care for the Planet

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Once a year, lights go out around the world, breathing life into a unique initiative - Earth Hour. This global action, organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature, aims to draw attention to the protection of the natural environment and endangered species. For 60 minutes, lights are turned off in homes, offices, and landmarks as a symbolic gesture of care for our planet.


Symbolic Gesture with Global Reach

This initiative, which started 18 years ago, quickly gained popularity and now unites people from different corners of the globe. In Poland, cities such as Warsaw turn off the lights of important landmarks, including the Belvedere and the Presidential Palace, demonstrating their commitment to protecting the Earth. "Earth Hour" always takes place on the last Saturday of March, emphasizing that even the smallest actions can have a significant impact on our planet.

Actions for the Future

However, Earth Hour is not just about symbolic gestures. It is also an opportunity to highlight the need for action in the face of climate change. The WWF emphasizes that replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy sources is crucial to preventing further global warming. Switching from oil and gas to wind and solar energy can prevent resource conflicts and mass migrations caused by climate changes.

Earth Hour is a reminder that each of us can contribute to the protection of our planet. By participating in this action, we show that caring for the Earth is a value that unites us, regardless of where in the world we are. It is also an encouragement to take further steps towards environmental protection every day, not just during the symbolic hour.


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