Sunday, 24 March 2024 19:13

The Secret iPhone Feature That Will Change the Way You Travel

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hidden option on iphone flight tracking hidden option on iphone flight tracking pixabau

Discovering hidden features of the iPhone can not only be fun but also a way to find tools that significantly facilitate daily tasks. One such feature is the easy tracking of flights, which is particularly useful while traveling. Thanks to this secret option, access to flight information is possible with just one tap.


How does this function work?

If you receive a flight number in a text message or email, you can tap on it, and the Messages or Mail app will offer the "Preview Flight" option. After selecting this option, you will be redirected to a flight overview, including information on timeliness, the current position of the airplane, and the gate. This feature also advises where to pick up checked luggage. It's a perfect example of product design that makes everyday activities simpler and more intuitive.

Why should you use it?

For people who travel frequently, this function is a real treasure. It enables quick and easy flight tracking without the need to install additional apps or pay for a subscription. It is also an example of Apple's philosophy that products should work intuitively and meet user expectations. This simple functionality shows how much Apple values user experiences by designing products that are both intuitive and useful in everyday life.

Introducing such features that make life easier and are understandable to the user without additional instructions is a lesson for all companies about the value of designing user-focused products. Apple, with its "it just works" approach, proves that the effort put into designing intuitive products definitely pays off, improving the iPhone user experience.