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Swimming for everyone

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Activity in the water is recommended to anyone who simply wants to improve the appearance of their figure and improve the condition of their body. Importantly, swimming does not cause injuries and relieves the joints, so it is worth taking an interest in it.


 Costs - swimming.

Swimming does not require large financial outlays. During the holidays, we can take advantage of free swimming pools, open at rivers or lakes. In the winter, we can successfully buy a pass for an indoor swimming pool, which will allow us to save a few zlotys from a single entry. Apart from water, we need a swimsuit, a cap, flip-flops and glasses to swim. All these things are not very expensive and you can probably afford to buy them. Remember that such a purchase lasts for years, it is worth choosing more expensive models, from which we will enjoy longer.

Who is swimming for.

The first contact with another environment such as water is best to start as early as possible. Children over 1 year of age can get used to water under the watchful eye of a parent. Certainly, this type of activity will positively affect the child's development and subsequent more advanced maneuvers in the water.

Schoolchildren should attend the swimming pool due to the multifaceted benefits such as: improvement of the body's efficiency, corrective effect of swimming on posture defects, integration with peers.

Adults who practice swimming regularly will certainly be sick less often and will be less susceptible to civilization diseases. They will increase the possibilities of the locomotor system and will be definitely in better shape than their peers. An important fact is that swimming does not burden the joints, so it is a very safe activity recommended by doctors and physiotherapists.

Benefits of Regular Swimming:

- increases the efficiency of motor coordination
- does not burden the joints
- allows you to relax tense muscles
- increases the mobility of joints
- strengthens the muscles
- toughens the body
- improves the circulatory system and delays the occurrence of a heart attack
- has a beneficial effect on the spine

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