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Punching bag, how to choose?

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If you create your own private gym at home, it will be a very good idea to buy a punching-training bag. It allows you to burn fat more efficiently than running, and is also great for de-stressing after a busy day. What is worth paying attention to when buying it? You will find out in this material.


Buying a punching bag is a seemingly simple task. Just choose the model you like. Yes, in theory and with occasional use, it still makes sense, but when we want to use it, for example, in a home gym, it is worth paying attention to the following factors.

1. Material

The bag will serve as a shield for hitting and kicking. So, on the one hand, he must endure enormous forces that will act on him, on the other hand, he must be gentle enough not to hurt us. Therefore, a good material should be as thick as possible, but at the same time smooth and uniform. The seams that hold it together should be at least double and additionally reinforced, taped. The place of sewing is, due to the fact that the fabric is joined, one of the most delicate and vulnerable places to damage in the surviving bag.

2. Mounting

If we want our bag to meet the expectations placed in it, it should be hung on at least three chains, which at the top should connect to a wheel and a turntable. Thanks to this solution, individual chains will not twist with each other, while we will use the bag intensively. At the bottom of the individual chains, it would be good to have a carabiner that will allow you to disassemble it.

3. Bag finishing and fastening

Each decent bag should have at least three chain fasteners. These hooks should preferably be in the shape of a triangle. Thanks to this, the tape lies flat on the lower side, evenly distributing the weight, and the chain does not slip while holding on to the upper apex.
Tapes with hooks should be reinforced with a surrounding belt, which provides stabilization and additional protection against pulling out the fasteners.

It would be good to have a good punching bag with a knotted closure from above. The use of zippers in this place ends up quickly damaging them. They cannot withstand the stress. Under the closure, there should be an additional cover to protect the contents from spilling out of the bag, even during the most intense workouts.
The bottom fastening ring is also a big advantage, allowing us to attach the bag also from the bottom.

In summary, when buying a punching bag, we buy an item that is to serve us for a few years. So let's choose one that will last the entire period of use and provide us with adequate safety. Remember that the bag with the filling weighs from about 40 to 60 kilograms and breaking it may have unpleasant consequences for us.

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