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Retirement homes - for and against

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Emotional help during the move to a retirement home.

A person who changes their current place of stay to a nursing home leaves behind familiar places and memories associated with them. When the reason for this was a sudden worsening of the disease or an operation, the person did not have time to get used to the situation. If we add to this the increased needs of medical services and rehabilitation, we can imagine what an experience such a change will be for our relative. This may result in anger at the family for leaving her. Even if she realizes that the family is unable to provide adequate care. There is also regret, which in some cases can turn into depression.

On the other hand, family members may feel guilty because they leave a loved one under the care of strangers. However, guilt can often be balanced by arguing one's own decision that the senior will receive the care he needs.

Ease the transition

Everyone needs time to get used to the new conditions. A senior who is going to live in a new place should receive emotional support from their relatives.

To ease the planned transfer of our senior to a new home, we should involve him in looking for a new place as much as possible. It is worth giving him a chance to see potential facilities, talk to current residents and staff. It may also be up to him to decide which facility to choose. He should also be able to find out what he wants to take with him to his new home. Own blanket or pillow, which may provide him with greater comfort.

Advice for loved ones.

- Maintain constant contact. Even if you live far away, frequent phone calls and letters make a big difference. Regular visits from family and friends will help you get used to the move. It is also good to take a senior to any family event.

- Stay involved.

Constant contact not only reassures your loved one, but you can also serve as an attorney in dealing with the staff. Even when you have chosen the best possible homes, you need to make sure your senior is still being cared for at a high level. So it's worth visiting it at irregular times to check the situation on the spot. The more employees see the greater commitment, the better they will look after your loved one.

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